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Tulip PT95L Alembic still 


Capacity 95 litre
Net capacity min. 30 litre / max. 80 litre
Dimensions Height:205 cm, Width:90 cm, Lengths:206 cm
Weight 98 kg
Material Inox 1,5mm, Copper 1,5mm
Heating method Gas/Electric/Wood
Average distillation time 2x 3-4 hours
Average ABV 65-75 %
Product Whiskey, Gin, Brandy
Electrical requirements 9 kW three phase 380V (3x16A) / 12 kW three phase 380V (3x20A)
Features Gin basket (3 pieces)
Pistorius plate
Double wall cauldron
Parrot beak
Stirring motor
Electrical switch box
30 litre or 180 litre cooler

Water jacketed kettle 

The machine is offered with three heating options. The three heating options are gas, gas+electric and wood+electric. Boiler mantels vary depending on the heating system. In all cases, the boiler is water jacketed.
A water jacketed kettle is considered the best method of heating the mash. The pressure in the jacketed space with the safety and pressure adjustment spring valve can increase up to a maximum of 0.5 bar. ​At a pressure of 0.5 bar, the maximum boiling point of water is 110 °C. Thus, the temperature of the inner kettle in contact with the mash can be up to 110ºC. At this temperature, the mash cannot scorch down in the kettle. At the end of the distillation the mash temperature can be increased to ~100 °C. The heat transfer is indirect. The bottom of the cauldron is curved.

Boiler properties:

Material: AISI 304 / KO33 / W.Nr. 1.4301, high-alloy chromium-nickel steel, food-grade stainless steel

Heating elements and electrical switch box

Two copper coated 4,5 or 6 KW electrical heating rods are directly dive in to the water jacket. This results the water jacket heating up significantly faster, thereby boiling the mash earlier then other machines. The electrical heating rods are well regulated with the electrical switch box. One of the heating rod’s heating circuits are separated to 3 different circuits which can be switched separately on the switch cabinet. Additionally, there is a pot meter as well which is for fine tuning of the heating between 0-2 kW.
Fine regulation of the heating is essential to maintain the column’s balance during the whole distillation.

Electrical switch box is included with the PT95L unit.

Heating options:

9kW (3x16A) 380V 

12kW (3x20A) 380V

3 phases are required!


When the mash poured into the still is mechanically mixed, the heat transfer process in the mash leads to rapid and dynamic heating. ​The mixing work is ensured by a suitable high-torque geared motor (230 V, 20 to 25 Newton meters) and a robust mixing paddle.

Digital thermometers

We use decimal scale digital thermometers, because the decimal difference in the pistirius temperature causes significant differences in the taste of the product.
The cooler however has an analog thermometer because in case of cooling water we need to stay within a range of 20C degree.

Mash thermometer:

Since the probe reaches the space of the inner kettle directly, we can monitor the rise of the mash temperature in the heating phase. You can see the boiling point approaching.

Pistorius thermometer:

It is important to see the exiting vapor temperature to precisely control the pistorius to reach the best taste of the final product.

Alembic copper cupola and loading door

Alembic Copper cupola:

1,5 mm deoxidized copper, copper content higher than 99.90%. ​Food grade silicone is applied to the rim of the shell to ensure a perfect seal between the helmet and the kettle.

Loading door with sight glass:

The mash is loaded through the door with the inox loading funnel. It is also possible to clean the kettle through the loading door with a hose. With the help of the sight glass, we can see what is happening in the kettle. Loading door diameter: 120 mm

Gin baskets

There are 3 copper aroma baskets above the cupola. Depending on the gin, vodka or brandy recipe, different botanicals or dried fruits can be placed in the aroma baskets. The 3 copper baskets are easily removable by uplifting the Pistorius plate.


The Pistorius apparatus is used for pot still distillation method. This component is a "partial condenser" which receives the direct cold water for cooling. Inside there is a cylinder, what is called an inverted cup, which serves to direct the hot vapor to the wall of the cylinder cause the vapor to condense. During distillation, some of the vapor condenses and returns as liquid, and some of it continues through the lyne arm. The essence of Pistorius apparatus is to collect head and tail in small amounts and very concentrated. Pistorius apparatus ensures an accurate and sharp separation of pre- and post-distillate. The temperature of the steam can be measured precisely with the digital thermometer.

End cooler

The high-alcohol vapor exiting the Pistorius enters the lyne arm and then the plated condenser. The distillate vapor condenses in the top third of the end condenser and then cools through the surface of the tube bundle.

Two type of cooler is available:

30 litre continuous flow cooler

180 litre stable cooler


Control valves: HERZ brand manual straight valves control the water flow to the Pistorius.

​Flow meter: One of the most important elements for the correct operation of the Pistorius is the precise control of the water flow. The metal float in the rotameter rises as the valve opens and falls as the valve closes.
The current water flow in litres / hour can be read from the scale. The distillery PT95L has one flow meter: Pistorius flow meter 

Parrot beak 

This device helps the distiller to measure continuously the alcohol content of the product.


Safe Drainage: The 90 degree spout plays an important safety role as its installation prevents the hot mash from erupting in a horizontal jet after the ball valve is opened.

Backwashing function: Rinsing and cooling water can be connected to the outlet via a ½ inch ball valve. 

Inox loading funnel 

The inox loading funnel is included with the TT95L. It helps to pour the mash through the loading door into the kettle.

 Price list

Model type Price in EUR without VAT
TULIP PT95L with gas heating kettle (gas burner is not inculded) 6050 €
TULIP PT95L with electric heating 9 kW + gas heating kettle 6750 €
TULIP PT95L with electric heating 12 kW + gas heating kettle 6750 €
TULIP PT95L with electric heating 9 kW + wood heating kettle 7200 €
TULIP PT95L with electric heating 12 kW + wood heating kettle 7200 €


Heating system
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