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We are a Hungarian distillery equipment manufacturer, and we are committed to make the finest distilling equipments for micro distilleries all over the world!

The secret of our success is the professional and well-chosen food- and mechanical engineer team, which includes the founders of the company. Our mission is to evolve with the requirements of the modern age distiller, and to bring our distillation stills to perfection, which makes our customer's distillery and business successful. We believe that modern, precise technology can be alloyed with lifelong durability and affordable prices for micro distilleries.

The company was started by the two founders, within a university start-up competition. They both graduated as food engineers and made specialization as brandy masters

They started to import distilling equipments to Hungary

The company became one of the market leaders in distilling equipment distribution

The two founders started to dream about their own manufactory, which begun with a 3 years engineering process with a well-chosen mechanical engineer team. The goal was to create a brand-new vision for home and micro distillery distillation. One-stage distillation technique was never been available in such a small capacity and affordable price, only in bigger machines in the industrial environment

The production of the CS 95L still started, creating new workplaces in their home village

We started to export the CS 95L and our main market became Austria and Germany. We went to several exhibitions to these countries

​We are working with a consecutive stock and spare part attendance. We can ship the machines within a week in Europe. On our website customers can find tutorials, technical attendance and planning for their distillation

In the last 10 years we have been able to serve thousands of satisfied customers in  30 countries around the world.
​Most of our customers come from: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Scandinavia

We look forward to receive your comments and questions with interest and we are at your kind disposal anytime.