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Our team of experts consists of engineers for food and mechanical engineering, sales managers, designers and last but not least we are"spirit distillers" as well. (A privilege that has been known so far in Hungary.)
​Our distilling machines are constantly being developed based on customer requirements and test results from countless research projects. 

----------> from 2010 selling distillation machines in Hungary

---------------> from 2013 designing unique column stills

-------------------> from 2016 producing distillers

-------------------> from 2016 starting to expand our sales to abroad

-----------------------> from 2019 we sold our professional distiller in every continent

What is important to us in sales and relationships? 

In the last 10 years we have been able to serve thousands of satisfied customers in  30 countries around the world.
​Most of our customers come from: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia

We are look forward to receive your comments and questions with interest and we are at your kind disposal anytime.