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Characteristics of One-Stage Distillation

One-Stage Distillation or Intensifying Distillation Method is the top of “pálinka” brewing. The aroma and alcohol concentrator column built on the top of the kettle can produce a 75-85% middle distillate (useful distillate part) out of an average 5-7% alcohol content of mash/wine. “Pálinka” which is ready for consumption is free of any disturbing components that can cause flavour and aroma fault. It is not uncommon that distillation starts with an alcohol content of 90% or above. With this modern purifying technique, the distillate has a perfectly clear, light and fruity flavour which is free from any taste or aroma unpleasant elements. It will enchant you from the very first taste! The final product is free from strong pre-and post-distillate impurities. In order to use the pot more effectively, proper control, solid source of heat, monitoring and intervention points are built in. Furthermore more than 300 copper catalysts are filled in the upper side of the column to ensure the perfect quality of the distillate.

 Unique features of Column Still 

pot size 95 litre
maximum loading volume 80 litre
minimum loading volume 40%
run time with cold pot (electric) 2 hours
run time with warm pot (electric) 1,5 hours
thickness of copper plate 2 mm
double hulled, water jacket tank with two safety valves OK
embossed inner bottom plate with central effluence OK
structure of column 3 pieces of stainless steel plate, copper filling part, dephlegmator
industrial parts OK
extra yield (compared with pot stills) 10-20%
cooling water control 2 rotametres
welded joints only OK
diameter of drain pipe 76,1 mm
heating options electric / wood / gas
purity of copper 99,9%
copper filling and catalyst OK
sensory perception of distillate flawless essence
average heart ABV 80-85%
maximum refining percent of alcohol content 92%
cost of 1 litre, 50% distillate (water and gas) 0,30-0,40 EUR/litre
final product that can be prepared “pálinka”, whisky, vodka, gin, beer, marmalade
dimensions height 2340 mm, width 1000 mm

Column still experiences 

mash apricot
volume of the mash 80 litres
distillate without dilution 4,8 litres, 84 % alcohol
distillate after dilution 8.064 litre, 50% alcohol content of 80 litres of mash (10.08 litres of 100 litres of mash)
stirring with an electric stirrer
main issues 12 kw electric heater 9 kw electric heater 20 kw gas-powered heater
run time with cold pot 45-50 minutes 65-70 minutes 105 minutes
head separation 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes
heart distilling time 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
total run time 2 hours 2 hours and 20 minutes 2hours and 55 minutes
speed of still discharge minute/litre
first 3 litres 8-12 minutes/litre
4th litre 14 minutes/litre
final distilling part 18 minutes/litre

Heating cost

electric consumption 19 kw/ brewing 21 kw / brewing
gas consumption 3,5 kg
calculated energy price 0,13 EUR/ kW 0,13 EUR/kW 12,9 EUR/ 11 kg gas bottle
energy cost 2,45 EUR 2,70 EUR 4,10 EUR

 Water consumption

water consumption of the dephlegmator 110 litre 110 litre 110 litre
water consumption of the final condenser 30 litre 30 litre 30 litre
total water consumption / run 140 litre 140 lire 140 litre
cooling water cost 2,25 EUR / m3 2,25 EUR / m3 2,25 EUR / m3
water consumption cost / run 0,31 EUR 0,31 EUR 0,31 EUR

Total cost 

total cost 2,77 EUR 3 EUR 4,40 EUR
cost per 1 litre spirit 0,34 EUR 0,37 EUR 0,55 EUR

Column still price list

Product name Price in EUR
95L column still with gas heating kettle (the price does not include a gas burner) 5790 EUR (VAT included)
95L column still with gas heating kettle + electric heating 9 kW (three-phase, 3x16 amps required) 6290 EUR (VAT included)
95L column still with gas heating kettle + electric heater 12 kW (three-phase, 3x20 amps required) 6290 EUR (VAT included)

Shipping price list

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